Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Diya Collections Fashion Jewelry Kundan, Polki Earrings and Bollywood Jewelry

Ever seen a piece of jewelry on one of your favourite actresses like Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt and wished you could own the same? Now you can! Diya Collections Fashion Jewelry is the perfect place to find your bollywood jewelry dreams come true. Diya Collections has unique pieces of jewelry that are designed based on the bollywood versions. So you can find the RamLeela earrings that Deepika Padukone wore in Ramleela. You can also find the Chennai Express earrings that Deepika Padukone rocked in Chennai Express. You can also find Alia Bhatt's jhumkas from 2 States on Diya Collections.

Diya collections also have other beautiful and unique Kundan earrings as well as Polki earrings which are typical indian bridal jewelry pieces. They keep up with the bollywood trends, so we dont have to with their bollywood fashion jewelry collection. The most recent collection at Diya Collections features EarCuff earrings in beautiful american diamonds as well as vintage kundan polki earcuff earrings. I have posted a few pictures below of their Kundan earrings and Kundan jhumkas collection. I love the quality and intricacy of the Kundan earrings at Diya Collections. Its where I find my bollywood fix. ;) All of their jewelry is very affordable. Their earrings range from $10 to $40 and they offer FREE DELIVERY anywhere in Continental USA. Ordering is easy, you can just email them or Whatsapp them.

Alia bhatt and Deepika Padukone Jhumkas

Deepika padukone Dilli wali girlfriend chandelier earrings

Deepika Padukone RamLeela earrings

Alia bhatt Radha Student of the year jhumkas

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ear Cuff Kanpur earrings - Latest trend in Indian Bollywood fashion jewellery

Indian wedding season 2014-2015 is here and with it is the latest trend in Indian Fashion Jewelry. After the trailblazing Raam-Leela earrings earlier this year, now the trend is towards Ear Cuff Earrings or Kanpur earrings as they are locally referred to. No the Kanpur earrings are not from Kanpur, but they are called Kanpur earrings because they cover your entire ear. Ear cuff earrings have a traditional ear rod to go through the ear piercing, but they also have a long and intricately designed covering for the ear with a small hook on top to hold on to your ear. Here are some of our favorite Kanpur earrings for the indian wedding season 2014. Which ones will you rock?
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