Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding planning and Wedding Day tips

1. If something turns out slightly differently from what  you ordered, don't let it ruin your day. No one but you will ever know.
2. Don't worry if either of you miss a word or a line when saying your vows - no one will notice as long as you get the 'I Do' bit right.
3. If you forget your earrings, your nail polish or your garter, just remember everybody is looking at the whole picture, not the details.
4. Don't worry if the band or the DJ forgets to play a song you requested. It's possible you are the only one that likes the song anyway.
5. Walk down the aisle at a comfortable speed. Worrying about going too fast or too slow is a waste when you should be enjoying the moment.
6. Nobody's looking at your feet. If  you can hide them under your dress, switch to a comfortable pair of shoes for the photos and dancing.
7. Plan in advance how to pin the back of your dress off the floor for dancing. Otherwise it will get stepped on and it will get dirty.
8. Remember to thank your family. They are the reason you are here, don't over look their efforts in helping you get your wedding together.
9. Eat proper meals on the day, even if you're nervous. It's going to be a long day and you don't want to spend your honeymoon recovering.
10. If you start getting stressed, find a quiet place, relax, light some candles, play some soft music and reflect on what  your wedding actually means to you.
11. Keep smiling and avoid getting stressed or making silly faces. Everyone will be armed with a camera, don't let them catch you out!
12. Allow plenty of time for your photos to ensure you get some good shots. Make the most of your photographer's talent!
13. Make sure your underwear fits and is comfortable. The last thing you want is to be worrying about it.
14. Stick to the fruit juice instead of alcohol. Your day will go by quickly enough without alcohol making it more of a blur.
15. Remember the day is for both of you and is equally important to the groom. Don't forget to tell him how handsome he looks!
16. Forget about everyone watching and just enjoy your first dance. Smile, keep it special and your guests won't even notice your feet.
17. Check you can easily move in all directions in your wedding dress. It may help to practise dancing in it (perhaps with your Dad? he'd love it!)
18. Whether or not you decide to take dancing lessons, make sure you are comfortable and enjoy dancing together before the spotlight is on you.
19. Even one or two dance lessons will make you more confident. Believe it or not, partner dancing does not come naturally!
20. Always get a sample print of your wedding invitations to check for errors before getting them all printed out.
21. Check your gift list includes more items than you have guests. It gives last minute shoppers plenty of choice and helps prevent double-ups.
22. Keep an up-to-date list of RSVPs to your wedding. Put it by the phone so anyone who answers will be able to record replies straight away.
23. A good map with clear driving instructions is an absolute must to ensure everyone arrives at the venue on time.
24. If you want your Thank you cards done in the same style as your invitations, you should order them both together.
25. Never make assumptions about a service being provided. Ask as many questions as you can think and get everything in writing.
26. If you want to have a video made, check with your officiant that the ceremony can be filmed. Some wedding venues may have filming restrictions.
27. Ask to see the car you will be going to the ceremony in. Get it in writing that it will be the same car on that day.
28. Check the confetti policy at your venues and make sure that your guests know about it. Don't risk being told off by angry staff on the day.
29. If you use your hands a lot, don't buy a delicate ring that will scratch and break. 9 carat gold is more durable and also cheaper than 18!
30. If you are leaving straight for your honeymoon, have your luggage packed and ready to go. Double check your passport and tickets!
31. Make sure someone has a suitable cake stand and knife, you don't want to be wielding the best man's pocket knife in all your photos!
32. Taste the food for yourself before booking the reception venue or catering. Do you need a better excuse to go out for a romantic meal?
33. Check the availability of parking at your venues, and make sure that the car park won't be full of cars from another close-by event.
34. Save money by getting a small decorated cake for the photos, and having the rest pre-cut out at the back to pass around to your guests.
35. Cut your cake in between dinner courses and serve it with dessert. You'll only need a small cake as your guests will already be full.
36. Choose table decorations that can be re-used in the future. How about stylish soup bowls with floating candles, or photos in mini frames?
37. Keep in mind how much light will be needed for outdoor photos, and schedule your formal shots for a time when there will be no need to rush.
38. Ask your photographer to try and get candid shots of your guests enjoying the reception. Too many posed photos makes for a boring album.
39. Photos aren't just about people. Close-ups of small details add interest and help tell a story.
40. If you have a friend doing the photography, get them to create some interestiong perspectives by taking shots from above or below.
41. Don't forget to have someone take some black and white photos, they can look beautiful and have wonderful artistic appeal.
42. Check what's behind the wedding cake before you take the photos. Don't wait until afterward to see the big ugly fuse box in the background.
43. Vary the location of your group photographs. They will probably end up all together in the album, and the same background will look boring.
44. Don't forget the older generation when you choose your dance music. They enjoy dancing too, so play some songs they can relate to!
45. Mix an occasional slow song into your dance music, so the energetic dancers can rest, and the older guests can get up and dance.
46. Don't buy a wedding dress that's far too small. Even if you plan to lose weight, it's far easier to take a dress in, than try to enlarge it!
47. Decide on your hair and make-up plans before buying a headpiece, so you can image what it will look like together.
48. If you are conscious of your waist, get a bouquet that trails downwards - it will draw attention from your middle and make you appear taller.
49. If you are considering getting your hair permed or colored, have it done well in advance so you have time to decide if you like it.
50. Don't ever crash diet before your wedding - you may well end up thinner but it will wreak havoc on your looks, health and moods.
51. Include the groom's parents in the planning. If they are keen to help out, keep the informed and let them know their assistance is welcome!
52. Plan in advance who will take care of the gifts after the reception. Make sure they are taken out of the car and stored away from the sun.
53. For a fun keepsake, place fancy paper and pens at each reception table with instructions for guests to write you poems and marital advice.
54. If you are planning a beach wedding, try to choose an area that has protection from direct winds, as a strong breeze could upset your plans.
55. If you plan to have a large gethering in a public place, check with local authorities about any permits you may need.
56. Familiarize everyone with the rules of your venue. Check how late you can play music and whether confetti and candles are allowed.
57. If you are celebrating outdoors, count on birds and ants crashing the party. Keep your food covered and under surveillance.
58. Don't let your beach wedding be washed out by the arrival of high tide! It can happen quickly in some areas, so check the timetable.
59. When planning a beach wedding, bring sunscreen and insect repellent and make sure elderly guests are protected from the elements.
60. You'll probably be sick of planning the wedding before long, so consider going on a cruise for your honeymoon and let them plan everything for you!
61. Don't feel you have to invite everyone. Calculate the cost of each guest before you decide you makes the cut.
62. Minimize your costs by cutting down on venues. You'll save a lot if you can hold both the ceremony and the reception in the same place.
63. Don't go overboard making fancy invitations. They will take much longer than you think and will most probably end up getting thrown away.
64. Flowers can be expensive decorations. Try alternatives such as candles, soft fabrics and ribbons to bring your venue to life.
65. Live entertainment is great, but if you can't afford it, there's really nothing wrong with plugging your MP3 player into some speakers.
66. Your ceremony will feel like a blur of emotion, so consider having it filmed, even if you can't afford a videographer for the whole day.
67. Ask a friend or family member with a nice car to drive you. All your guests will probably be inside when you arrive anyway.
68. If you're getting married in the 'off-season', don't be afraid to ask for a discount. Most vendors will be glad to have a booking.
69. Keep an open mind and listen to other people's ideas. Their contributions will often be what makes your day unique and memorable.
70. Show your appreciation to everyone who contributed to your weeding, however minor their involvement. A little recognition goes a long way.
71. Have the bridesmaids practise lifting and straightening the bride's train, especially if there will be a lot of stairs to climb on the day.
72. Check with the baker about the stability of the cake and take care to store and display it somewhere that it won't melt!
73. Don't get carried away decorating your nails with bright colours and designs. It will draw attention to your hands and dominate the photos.
74. Experiment several months in advance with hair treatments. A semi-permanent color is great for making your hair look silky and shiny.
75. Don't schedule a facial the week of the wedding, especially if your skin isn't used to it. It may produce more oil and lead to a breakout.
76. If any of the wedding party wears glasses, decide what to do with them for the photos. Some lenses may reflect the flash and cause glare.
77. Gloves add elegance to almost any bridal outfit. Experiment with different lengths to see what style is best suited to your gown.
78. Have your gown professionally cleaned straight away, even if you can't see any marks. Like your guests, some will always show up later!
79. Let each bridesmaid choose her dress style, while you choose the color and fabric. Their faces aren't identical, so why their dresses?
80. A piece of chalk is a handy thing to carry with you. It will cover over small spots of dirt on the bride's gown and also the men's shirts.
81. Make sure your bridesmaids have something to keep them warm. If you let them turn blue they might clash with their dresses!
82. When creating a gift registry, check the length of the store's exchange policy. You may still be receiving gifts well after the wedding.
83. If your honeymoom is on a cruise ship or resort, make sure you pack some formal clothing as there will often be occasions for dressing up.
84. Avoid over-scheduling your honeymoon with activities. Take some time to wind down and just sit by the beach or pool together.
85. When you book accomodation and travel, let them know it's for your honeymoon - vendors will often provide little perks and treats.
86. If your honeymon budget is tight, get a room with a kitchen and make picnics. Remember to have some romantic dinner out on the town, too!
87. Check which flowers are going to be in season for  your wedding, as they will be a lot cheaper, even more so if they are grown locally.
88. Appoint a bridesmaid to keep track of gifts by writing a description of the gift on the back of the card it came with as you open them.
89. Don't let anyone else dictate the length of your engagement - take all the time you need to ensure there are no regrets on the day.
90. Having your wedding date engraved inside you rings increases the chances your dearly beloved will remember your anniversary!
91. Choose a ring that flatters your finger shape - the smaller or thinner  your fingers, the more delicate the ring.
92. Make sure your partner does his fair share of the planning, but don't spend every spare moment talking about it or he'll easily switch off.
93. Grooms - don't stay out of the planning and complain afterward! Make sure you have your say in things too.
94. Split your to-do list in half and make sure you each get the tasks you're most interested in doing.
95. Be nice but firm with any interfering relatives. If you give in now, they'll be telling you how to cook, clean and raise  your children, too.
96. If parents demand to have their say, give them control of areas you're not too bothered about, and be sure to appreciate their efforts.
97. If you hire a wedding consultant who charges by the hour, make sure you are clear on what you want and don't want before your consultation.
98. Ask for references before hiring a wedding planner and if possible check they have membership with a reputable association.
99. The most enjoyable wedding are not the expensive, lavish ones, but the ones where the personality of the couple really shines through.
100. If you and your partner are from different cultures, try to find a way for your wedding to celebrate the best of both worlds.
101. Eloping is not only romantic but also very practical. You will, however, need to be prepared for complaints from those who felt left out.
102. Think about birthdays and other occasions when etting the date. Do you want to always celebrate your anniversary the week before Christmas?
103. Check you have the option of sparkling grape juice for the toasts, and ensure those who don't drink know it is available.
104. Your style of wedding invitation helps to set the theme for the day, and gives guests and indication of how formally to dress.
105. The easiest way to reduce numbers on a guest list is to delete everyone you haven't heard from in the last year.
106. Some people you feel you should invite may feel they should attend - make it easy by not inviting them if you think this is the case.
107. If you feel guilty about not inviting random long-lost relatives, why not organize a separate family reunion instead.
108. Older children who want to be involved could be given ceremonial jobs like candle-lighting or handing out order-of-service sheets.
109. Don't let your parents spend their retirement funds or refinance their mortgage to help you out - it's not worth the stress to them or you.
110. Consider your motives when it comes to expenses. Is this something special to you, or are you just trying to impress people?
111. You'll need money after you are married too, especially if you plan children or want to buy a house - don't spend it all on your big day!
112. Money is an issue you'll always need to discuss, so now's a good time to make sure you're comfortable talking about it with your partner.
113. Spend your budget on the areas you care about. Don't bother with the fancy horse and cart unless it's something you've always dreamed of.
114. Is a traditional ceremony important to you, or do you just want it over so you can start the party? Don't overdo the bits that don't matter.
115. Bright white is not for everyone. A slightly off-white dress goes better with a warmer skin tone.
116. You don't have to wear a white dress. There were other fashions before, and there'll be others after. You might even start one yourself.
117. Never buy shoes first things in the morning. Your feet swell throughout the day, so by midday you'll be thoroughly uncomfortable in them.
118. To avoid 'wedding' prices, try looking for nice dresses and accessories in designer sales, vintage stores and boutiques.
119. Let the groom choose his own suit, so he'll feel comfortable and confident. Give him free reign as long as it doesn't clash with your dress.
120. Spend a day together without talking about the wedding. Remember how it used to be, back before you got engaged?
121. Give your bridesmaids a selection of dresses and let all them vote on the one they would prefer to wear.
122. Always use a person's full real name on a wedding invitation regardless of what nickname you use for them in everyday life.
123. Hand write and mail thank you cards for all the gifts you receive, even those from parents and close family members.
124. If you're worried guests might comment on your brand of bubbly, arrange to have it already poured, or brought round in glasses.
125. Make sure everyone has a full glass before proposing a toast. Make the announcement and then allow time to pour drinks before you continue.
126. Don't include inside jokes in your speech that half the audience won't understand.
127. Choose transport that doesn't mess with your hair or dress. Arriving on a motorbike is cool, but what about that helmet-hair?
128. A pre-nuptial agreement isn't very romantic, but drawing one up or even just considering it can bring to light issues that need resolving.
129. If you are having a serious case of cold feet, talk it over with an unbiased counsellor before making any drastic announcements.
130. Be sensitive to other people and remember they have a life outside of your wedding! Take the time to touch base with the real world.
131. Discuss with your partner before hand what 'the kiss' will bel ike and even practise it so you both know what to expect.
132. Keep your vows meaningful to you. If you don't like parts of the standard vows, don't include them. All that's required is an 'I do' each.
133. Your dad may expect to walk you down the aisle, so ensure there are no hard feelings if you pick someone else or choose to go it alone.
134. Don't plan for your reception to last more than a few hours, or you may be disappointed when your guests begin to make excuses and leave.
135. Make time at your reception to greet each guest one by one. It'll make them feel more like participants and less like spectators.
136. Choose a honeymoon destination where both of you can relax. One person's idea of a holiday may be vastly different from someone else's.
137. There is still life outside of marriage! Keep spending time with old friends and hobbies or you may begin to feel trapped and resentful.
138. Try and schedule hen and stag parties for the same day or weekend to maximize your free time together during the final crucial weeks.
139. Open a separate wedding bank account to help you keep track of your spending. Afterwards, this could become your everyday joint account.
140. Check with your church how much you'll be allowed to personalize the ceremony. Some churches require you to follow set vows and procedures.
141. Beware of conveyor-belt weddings. Some venues perform so many weddings that they end up feeling rushed and impersonal.
142. Don't be fooled by travel brochures. A tropical island wedding sounds romantic but beware the humidity and possibility of rain.
143. When working out the numbers for catering, it's a very common mistake to forget to include the bride and groom!
144. If you have elderly or overseas relatives who you know can't come, send them an invitation anyway to indicate you haven't forgotten them.
145. It's important that the back of your dress looks atleast as good as the front, because in most ceremonies the guests will be behind you.
146. Never try to squeeze into a corset. You'll already be uncomfortable and tired and a corset will just make it worse.
147. Try and get the men to wear waistcoats - they will take their jackets off at some point, and a vest looks smarter than a plain shirt.
148. Don't try to look like someone else, just aim for a healthy, radiant version of yourself.
149. If you are organizing an outdoor wedding, check there is sufficient power supply for sound systems, lights, catering etc.
150. When booking the venue, make sure you have access early enough to decorate it and late enough to clean up afterwards.
151. If you are using a stereo to play background music, appoint someone to be in control of the volume knob during speeches.
152. Make sure your guests have access to a plentiful supply of non-alcoholic drinks, and have at least two or three options available.
153. Keep an eye on the wine - some venues will deliberately open more bottles than are needed in order to charge a higher corkage fee.
154. Celebrate your engagement before diving into the wedding planning. Don't let other people's questions hurry you into making decisions.
155. If you announce your engagement in the newspaper, be prepared to receive unsolicitated advertising brochures and coupons from wedding vendors.
156. Going the traditional route might seem old-fashioned, but it saves an awful lot of decision-making if you're not sure exactly what you want.
157. If your venue involves sand or damp lawn, consider laying some kind of mat to stop chair legs and stiletto heels sinking into the ground.
158. If some of your guests might feel put out to be seater at a 'lower' table, give your reception tables themed names rather than numbers.
159. If you want the band to play your favourite song, check it's similar to the music they normally play, or you could be in for a surprise.
160. Bridal shops often charge a fee to try the gowns, and can get snappy if you appear to be 'dirtying' their gowns with no intention of buying.
161. A made to measure wedding dress/gown may seem more expensive, but even if one off-the-rack is cheaper, you will probably need to pay for alterations.
162. Before you commit to having the dress of your dreams custom-made, try on something similar to be sure the style suits you.
163. Wear a button-up shirt to have your hair and make-up done, so you can get it off without pulling it over  your head.
164. Weddings don't have to be in summer!  A cosy winter reception with candlelight and mulled wine can be very romantic and memorable!
165. If you're having wedding in winter, make sure you arrange a coat check or cloakroom at the reception for your guests.
166. If you have several school-age children at your reception, consider seating them together at a kid's table to give their parents a break.
167. Try to work out your seating plan so each guest has a combination of new faces and familiar friends seated around their table.
168. If you have been putting off getting in shape, allow yourself at least 12 weeks. Hiring a personal trainer for accountability may also help.
169. Wedding dresses get damanged if they're handled and altered a lot, so if you plan to lose a lot of weight, do it before your wedding dress or wedding gown is made.
170. Making up a gift list might feel a bit mercenary, but it beats having to answer the dozens of phone
calls asking what you want.


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