Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bridal Make-up tips

So many make-up artists overdo the make-up for the brides which makes them look plastered on their wedding day. Wedding make-up does not have to be too obvious. In fact, the trick to good make-up is to make it look like the bride is not wearing make-up at all.

1. It is important that the foundation matches the skin tone of the bride or is just a shade lighter than the actual skin tone. If the foundation is too light, it will make the skin look powdered. If it's too dark, the bride will look darker than usual.

2. Don't try to match the lipstick shade to the colour of the outfit; sometimes contrasting lipstick works better. Red is too common. 

3. If the bride does not like wearing dark lipsticks, try some lighter colours and make them glossy. It has the same attractive effect. 

4. Make-up should be adjusted based on the amount of jewellery the bride is wearing. If the bride is wearing very heavy jewellery, the make-up can be lighter. On the other hand, if the bride is wearing less jewellery, the make-up can be bolder.

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