Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Indian Wedding and Jewellery

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More peacock styled kundan jewellery designs

I am glad that so many of my readers liked the Peacock styled Kundan jewelry designs I posted earlier. 
The trend is definitely catching up. So I am posting more of my favourite peacock styled kundan earringsbangles and bracelets that I recently found. If you have any questions about purchasing these just comment on this post and I will respond within 24 hours. So here are a few peacock kundan jewelry designs that I absolutely loved. 


Unknown said...

i would like to purchase a few, could u please let me know what site to buy them from?

Unknown said...

I would like to purchase these, could u please let me know from where

Shweta J said...

You can purchase these on amazon as well as here

Unknown said...

They are all SO pretty it would be SO hard to choose!Very nice collection.
Pearl Jewellery

BigIndianWedding said...

Gorgeous collection peacock styled kundan jewellery designs. These are all so beautiful, it would be hard to chose one.Great job done keep it up..

RockRushIndia said...

Everybody wants their earrings to be best. The above earrings are classy and attractive and will surely give a great look.